How To Create A Mobile Game In Unity?

It is undeniable that the mobile game industry has seen a tremendous growth in the number of users in the past decade. This growing popularity has increased the demand for mobile game app development companies that can build different types of games (RPG, Action-Adventure, Casual, Hyper-Casual, MOBA, etc.) for different platforms.

Most of the game app development companies use Unity as a preferred game engine for developing entertaining and addictive mobile games. And if you have a sound knowledge of programming and this development platform, then you can also try your hands on developing a mobile game using Unity. We are not kidding! Just follow the stepwise procedure given in the article for the same:

Mobile Game Development With Unity

Below-given are the steps to create a basic app using Unity. If you want to develop a feature-rich, robust, and scalable gaming application with exceptional graphics, then reach out to a professional and experienced mobile game development company:

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  • Open Unity and click New in the Project section
  • Now, begin with creating objects required in your mobile game. For this, go to Create, choose 3D Object, and then cube or any other option of your choice. To change the color of the cube, simply tap the object.
  • Now name the object and settle the scale. In this step, you need to create two objects. The first object will serve the purpose of holding the script to run the project. The second will be the UI the developer needs to interact.
  • Now, adjust the position of the buttons you have created. You can also change its dimension in this step.
  • Now, change the other dimensions (height, width, anchor, and position) of the button.
  • Open the child objects and then set the text as well as font size.
  • Now, do the build settings, switch platforms, and change the player settings.
  • Set your app’s default orientation and give a name to your apk file.
  • Write a C# script and double-click it to open the file in the Visual Studio.
  • To start with coding, declare variables and use Start function.
  • Create the Update function
  • Now, complete the project by attaching PlayScript to the GameManager.
  • Set the button text, main camera, and other options.
  • Follow further instructions show on the screen.

For further help or to know the procedure in detail, reach out to a mobile app development company.

Why Choose Unity for Developing a Mobile a Game?

Unity is one of the most preferred platforms for creating an engaging and entertaining mobile game for various platforms. Here are the reasons why:

Excellent Coding Capabilities

Microsoft Visual Studio is the default IDE and C# and UnityScript are the default programming languages of the Unity. The languages share huge similarities with JavaScript, which means developers, from a custom app development company, can easily work on it to build a mobile gaming app.

Cross-Platform Development

Using the Unity 3D, you can develop desktop and mobile games for various platforms. The only thing you need to take care of is to build according to the specific requirements of a platform. By creating a game, you can release it to multiple web stores or platforms as the game engine supports more than 25 platforms, other than Android and iOS.

Support Community

The support community of Unity 3D is increasing at a rapid rate. Moreover, the game engine has excellent and complete technical support along with various tutorials, hands-on manuals, and other information to aid developers to use it to the fullest.

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Delightful Design Interface*

Unity 3D has various drag and drop design elements that help in designing simple and effective UIs. Moreover, the game engine also makes it easy to switch to code when required.

2D and 3D Support

Using the Unity 3D game engine, you can develop both 2D and 3D games with visually appealing graphics. The game engine also supports AR and VR for building highly advanced games that can hook players for hours. To use these two technologies, Unity 3D integrates a few third-party tools.

Rich Asset Store

Unity offers huge assets that can either be purchased or add for no charge in the Unity Asset Store.


The core functions of Unity 3D can be accessed for free. Moreover, mobile game developers can also take advantage of exceptional monetization solutions provided by the game engine.

Final Words

Unity 3D is indeed an amazing game engine to develop highly engaging mobile games. Using the steps given in this article and with knowledge of development, you can create a mobile game for multiple platforms.  From setup, coding, to the final release, we have provided a process for every phase. Apart from this, we have also listed the reasons why you should go with Unity for developing a mobile game.