Swtor Suggestions For New Players

I’m going to talk to Swtor today because there are a lot of new players who don’t know much about the game. There are many people that will purchase this guide for WoW and never get the hang of playing. This is unfortunate, because you can easily level up in Swtor. First I’m going to take a look at my leveling guide and see how I did with it. Here are swtor credits tips for new players.

The first thing you need to understand is that there aren’t any guides that level you in Swtor the fast and easy way. Guides are great, but they don’t really teach you the secrets that will help you level the fastest. The best way to level in Swtor is to follow a guide, but do it the correct way. When I was just starting out I looked all over the internet for Swtor leveling guides and ended up wasting a lot of time looking at the wrong ones.

There are two guides, I recommend that you use. First is a leveling guide for WoW that will give you direct guidance to leveling up in less than a week. This guide is called the Ultimate WoW Hints Guide and it’s a fantastic choice for leveling. The guide has helped me reach level 32 pretty fast.

The second leveling guide I would definitely recommend is a PvP focused guide. If you think about it, when you are playing the game you will be fighting other people or guilds. Sometimes your goal is just to level and go PvP. In my experience this has been one of the fastest ways to level up. When you’re just starting out, I would strongly suggest going for the PvP focused quests and that will help you level up quickly as well.

A lot of people say that grinding is the fastest way to level but in my experience this is not true. Sure there are some quests that you can do that take a lot of time but once you get them done you will level pretty fast. For example I often times do the blue quest for example when I get a level 4. The XP it gives me is nothing compared to the XP from doing the quests in the major cities. It really depends on what you prefer and how much time you have to play.

These two leveling guides are by far the best choices for new players. I would highly recommend using them. You will find that they make the game much faster to play. You will also find that when you go for your quests there are many more of them to do. That’s a big plus as you won’t have to grind so much. Good luck and happy stop playing.