Messenger Marketing

As soon as you enter an official website of an international corporation or business, you will notice a small chat screen in the low-right corner and welcome message such as: “Welcome, how can I help you?”

Back in the day, a large corporation that directly works with customers had to hire an entire team of agents to handle all questions.

Still, it was not enough because the human agent cannot work 24/7, and employing thousands conversion chatbot of people to work on your behalf is a one-way ticket towards bankruptcy.

Everything changed with the implementation of chatbots that can operate all the time, and communicate with numerous customers simultaneously, which improves the response rate and trust in your brand.

You should check here to learn why customer service is important for the future of your business.

The problem with trends is that you hear and read online on how Chatbots will replace human agents, email marketing, and mobile apps. However, that is an exaggeration because they are not as powerful as in Sci-Fi movies that we enjoy watching.

Maybe the future will bring sentient chatbots, but today, they are answering based on pre-programmed answers, and they cannot address the complicated issues.

Of course, you will cut your cost when it comes to having sizeable in-house customer service, and you can relocate funds into another aspect of your business that needs improving.

Similarly, as we have mentioned above, chatbots are in their early days, so you should avoid expecting that they can handle everything you need. We decided to present to you everything that you should expect from FB Messenger chatbots.

What Are Facebook Chatbots?

Messenger Marketing

By definition, chatbots are programs that can send automated messages to communicate with people or your customers. They are programmed to understand questions, give proper answers as well as to execute tasks.

You can expect to create a helper that will increase the efficiency of your customer service without problems that tend to happen to human agents such as fatigue, restlessness, and stress.

Instead of doing a tedious work such as making a phone call or using a specific app for communication, customers will be able to enter your landing page and type a message to the bot, similarly as they would do it with friends and family.

You probably did not know that chatbot entered this world a few decades ago, while today, they are highly popular on social media pages and official websites.

Reasons To Use Fb Messenger For Business Purposes

Messenger Marketing

We can differentiate two primary reasons why you should implement chatbot into your Messenger account. The main goal is to create a connection between your target audience and brand, especially since Messenger is one of the most used apps in the world.

Even though most people use it to chat with friends and family, it is an efficient solution that will help, and you grow your business with ease. According to statistics, more than two billion messages are sent each month.

Therefore, it is a much more efficient way to communicate with customers than email marketing, especially since there is no competition yet.

The second reason why you should start with this particular form of marketing is that businesses are not using this instant messenger for promotion purposes. It means that you will not have competition, which is something you should remember beforehand.

Email marketing, on the other hand, has only three percent of click-through rates. We can say that it did not improve in the last few years, and statistics state that thirty percent of marketing emails people do not open at all.

If you wish to bypass these issues, you should install chatbot so that you can improve brand awareness, reduce expenses, and reach higher profit than before.

1.   Talk With Customers Directly

People are more likely to open FB messages than promotional emails. At the same time, customers can respond with ease, and they are much more likely to become your future customers and to enter sales funnel.

Apart from that, you can also pay for sponsored ads on Messenger and send it to anyone who got in contact with your page. It means that you will already have a subscriber list, and you can combine ads with chatbots to target people that will convert immediately.

We recommend you to find messenger marketing courses that will help you enter the game as a professional.

2.   Reduce Expenses

Customer care and service are the most critical factor that will help you nourish this particular relationship. That is the main reason why you should take it to the next level by creating and implementing a chatbot that will have 24/7 availability.

As a CEO, you should handle other things and responsibilities, which is why automation will help you reduce time-consumption that happens with overbooked customer service. You can free your mind from obligations, which will help you handle the pressing tasks you have.

3.   Communication And Transaction

As soon as someone decides to comment on your post or to become a fan of the page, the chatbot will automatically send him/her a welcome message, as well as the assistance throughout the sales process.

The idea is to create a responsive script, and a chatbot can help you sell more products than before. The best thing about this particular feature is the possibility to handle everything without leaving FB Messenger.

Since bots will learn about your customers and their behaviors, you will be able to program it to up-sell your products based on numerous questions and suggestions.

You should have in mind that bots can retain information and store them so that you can use that data to improve your marketing campaign.

However, it also saves data with the idea to reach a potential customer personally and directly, and by providing them with proper content at the right time.

For instance, it can remind customers that headphones he wanted to purchase a few days ago are still in the cart; or it can notify you that your brother’s birthday is coming soon so that you can plan the present.

Final Word

Finally, we have to conclude by saying that you can find numerous chatbots available on the market. They can help customers by answering their questions, booking appointments, tracking deliveries, and many more.

They can also up-sell your products by sending suggestions to your fans, which will ultimately help you gain more significant income than before.