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There are over two billion gamers reported worldwide, with more and more people joining the gaming world every day. The gaming community is thriving, with gamers and game reviewers having the most followers on YouTube channels and making some of the most money on the platform.

If you’re a gamer or looking to become a gamer, you probably know by now that you need the right equipment to be successful. No matter what type of gamer you are or what games you want to play, if you’re playing on your PC or laptop, you’ll need the right tools.

Keep reading to learn the fourteen best laptop accessories for gaming.

Gaming Headset

The first one is obvious. You’ll need a gaming headset – and a good one – if you want to play multiplayer games online. This is also a great way to become apart of the gaming community and make new friends or make your own videos that your voiceover.

There are many different kinds of gaming headsets on the market, but you will probably want to look for one that is good quality, and one that can be both plugged in or Bluetooth. This gives you the freedom to walk around, stand, get food, or move your game without affecting the headset, and if you’re going to be using it a lot, you’ll want that choice.

Bluetooth Gaming Controller

Many gamers that use a laptop or PC for gaming use a keyboard and a mouse for the controls. However, many others prefer using a controller, which you can use even with a computer.

If you’re looking for a controller, choose one of quality, made for long-time gaming, and your hands will thank you for it. You will also want it to be Bluetooth so that you are not restricted by the cord. Check out these tech options, and you can be sure to get a great deal.

Portable Charger

You will probably be mostly gaming at home, but what if you want to game on-the-go? Yes, there will likely be a power source for you to charge your laptop, but there may not be, and you should be prepared for that.

Having a good portable charger with you can ensure that you can game wherever you go without fail, which is especially important while traveling.

External Hardrive

This is another important tool to have, both while gaming at home and while traveling. Most gaming computers do come with a ton of storage space, but most games also have big files that take up a ton of storage space.

If you want the option to play many different games without having to download them, an external hard drive can be your go-to. You can ensure that you have all your favorite games within reach and without needing the internet.

Cooling Pads

Cooling pads are something that you might not have considered when looking for gaming equipment. Laptops are notorious for overheating with daily use, and that increases when using large files like games.

Not only can intense overheating damage your computer, but it will also interrupt your game. This especially true when you use your laptop on uneven surfaces. But you shouldn’t have to be chained to your desk just to prevent overheating, which is where cooling pads come in.

These are flat surfaces that allow your laptop to cool down and breathe while still using it on your couch or in bed. They also tend to have fans built into them, blowing cool air onto your laptop, helping to keep it cool even while gaming for hours.

Second Monitor

Having a second (or third) high-resolution monitor can increase your gaming experience by an incredible amount. This can let you play a game on one screen while watching a game on another, or video-calling with your friends.

Also, having a big, high-resolution monitor can offset the effects of the small laptop screen. Though it may be a good screen on your laptop, it’s not going to have the same effect that a big monitor would, and if you’re gaming every day for hours, you’ll want one that feels like a real gaming screen.

Speaker Set Up

Having a good speaker sound system can enhance your gaming experience. Though you will use your gaming headset, you’ll probably not want to use it all the time.

Having a surround sound speaker set up can immerse you in your game. You can find speakers that plug into your computer or those that are Bluetooth.

Ergonomic Chair

If you want to avoid back pain and injuries, getting a really comfy gaming chair can be a game-changer. There are chairs made specifically for gamers, with adjustable armrests, a headset pillow, and a high-back design.

Gaming chairs also usually tilt, so you can choose to stretch out or not. Though it may be more expensive, the comfort level is well worth it.

Ergonomic Keyboard

Like getting a good chair, a good keyboard is just as important. Gaming keyboards usually have large cushioned wrist sets, which can prevent your wrists from straining. Gaming keyboards also come with softer keys, and they usually have the option for Bluetooth.

However, there is a possibility of lag with Bluetooth keyboards, so you can usually plug them in too. The best gaming equipment is adjustable, and these keyboards are not the exception.

Ergonomic Mouse

Yes, you’ll even want a comfy mouse for your hands. Even if you prefer to use a controller, chances are you won’t always play that way. Just using the touchpad on your laptop will not suffice, especially when playing intense games.

Having a mouse that is Bluetooth can be helpful, as well as one that has textured buttons and a curved frame. The textured buttons will help give you a grip if your hands get sweaty, and the curved frame prevents your hand from getting cramped.


Having a webcam is essential if you’re going to be streaming your gaming and if you want to play virtually with friends. Having a good webcam can make all the difference, instead of just using the built-in camera on your laptop.

Most webcams come with night mode, so you can play and film without the trouble of lighting. You also want to look for one that comes with an adjustable stand, so you can easily set it up wherever you go.

Wi-Fi Routers

Having a good, strong internet is key for gaming on laptops or PCs. If your gaming room is far from your main router, you might want to consider getting mesh Wi-Fi routers.

The most ideal setup would be having your laptop or PC directly connected to your main router through an Ethernet cord. However, this is hardly ever doable, considering the system of cords and computer placement.

The easiest option would be to find mesh Wi-Fi routers. These usually come in a set of two or three, with one being directly connected to your main router and the others being placed in your gaming room. The routers will connect to each other, and create a strong, sturdy signal wherever they are.

With this, you can ensure that you will not lose the advantage in a game due to a poor internet signal.

Gaming Light

Though a gaming light is not completely essential, it can add a whole element to your gaming room. You will want a light that is good for your eyes, so usually, something that isn’t too bright. Some gaming lights come in different colors or adjustable colors, which can help you customize your space.

Many gaming lights can connect to your Wi-Fi, which can allow you to sync them up with other lights and create a very customizable experience.

Laptop Bag

Having a good, spacious laptop bag can ensure that you can travel with your gaming setup without fail. You’ll want one that is sturdy, large enough that you can store all your equipment, but not too big that it is bulky and heavy.

You’ll want one with zippers, and if you’re concerned for your gaming system’s safety, an option to provide a lock. It doesn’t have to be fancy, as long as it’s built well and big enough for you.

Essential Laptop Accessories for Gaming

These are the most essential laptop accessories for gaming, and if you get them all, you can be sure that your gaming experience will be top-notch. If you’re just starting out, you don’t need to purchase every single one to begin your gaming journey.

It’s smart to buy a few, test out what kind of gamer you want to be, and then add to your gaming accessories. Whatever you decide, you can be sure you’ll be having a great time playing your favorite games!

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