Five Most Expensive Places To Buy Property In Russia

Russia is a beautiful country with memorizing scenery, incredible mountains, villages and so much more. It is home to many amazing cities which makes it one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

Russia is also famous for having exclusive and luxurious properties that break records. If you want to enjoy a luxurious lifestyle in a beautiful city, Russia could be for you.

Here is a list of the five most expensive places to find a property in Russia


Vladivostok is the primary pacific port city in Russia near the border with China and North Korea and is known as the terminus of the Trans-Siberian Railway. It is a beautiful place and offers magnificent views.

It is the educational and cultural center of the Russain far East. There are many beautiful houses and apartments that you can buy in Vladivostok for an average price of $500,000.


Irkutsk is like heaven on earth, a mesmerizing city present on the edge of the biggest and one of the most beautiful lakes in the world of Lake Baikal. The city had a rich culture and history. The centre of Irkutsk is an area of wooden architecture that enhances the beauty of streets.

It is also the perfect place for people to discover Siberia’s nature. People who want to enjoy Lake Baikal’s breathtaking views can buy a beautiful and luxurious property in Irkutsk. You can buy property for an average price of $ 900,000 here.


Moscow is the capital and largest city of Russia. It is a big city with numerous UNESCO World Heritage Sites and is one of the greatest cities from a historical point. It has well known Russian architecture and historic Red Square. There are many famous buildings in Moscow, including Saint Basil’s Cathedral.

Moscow is considered among the most expensive cities globally and  has attained the title of billionaire capital of the world. Russia is expensive even from a European point of view. The property price in some of the residential areas, including Golden Mile, has reached up to $ 40,000 per square meter.

On average, the property of about 240 square meters can be bought for $2 million or even more.

Saint Petersburg

A gorgeous city,  St.Petersburg is a centre of historical, cultural, and architectural importnance and is recognized as one of the largest cultural and economical centres of Russia. Unlike Moscow, Saint Petersburg is way more peaceful and a relaxing place to live.

If you desire to have a luxurious lifestyle, there are many properties that you can buy in the upmarket Central district on the south bank of the Neva in Saint Petersburg. The price of the property, on average, is $2,200,000.


Russia’s Beverly Hills and the home to many rich, influential, and famous people who like to live in luxury and enjoy their lifestyle behind tall fences and walls. Rublevka is located outside Moscow, some kilometers away to the west side.

It is also classified among the most expensive residential areas in the world. Many famous people, including scientists, writers, and artists, used to live there in olden times. The price of the property is extremely high here. But if money is not an issue, you can buy a luxurious house for the average price of $ 8 million in Rublevka.