How to Look Professional and Stylish in Business Casual Clothes

Business casual attire is a dress code that blends traditional business wear with a more relaxed style that’s still professional and appropriate for an office environment. It’s a popular choice for workplaces that want to create a more casual and comfortable atmosphere without sacrificing professionalism.

What to wear for business casual attire

The key to business casual attire is to find a balance between looking professional and comfortable. Here are some tips on what to wear for business casual:

  • For men, a good option is to wear a button-down shirt or polo shirt with khakis or dress pants. You can also add a blazer or sport coat for a more polished look.
  • For women, a blouse or sweater is a good choice, paired with a skirt or slacks. You can also add a cardigan or jacket for warmth.
  • Shoes should be closed-toe and polished. Loafers, oxfords, and boots are all good options.


Accessories can add a touch of personality to your business casual outfit. Some good options include scarves, belts, jewelry, and watches. Just be sure to keep your accessories simple and understated.

What to avoid

There are a few things you should avoid when dressing for business casual attire. These include:

  • Jeans, shorts, and flip-flops
  • T-shirts, tank tops, and sweatshirts
  • Anything too revealing or too tight
  • Clothes that are wrinkled or dirty

Tips for dressing business casual

Here are a few tips for dressing business casual:

  • Pay attention to the dress code of your workplace. Some workplaces may have a more formal business casual dress code, while others may be more relaxed.
  • Dress for the occasion. If you have a meeting with a client or a presentation, you may want to dress a little more formally.
  • Choose clothes that fit well and are made of quality materials.
  • Keep your hair and makeup neat and understated.
  • Be confident in what you’re wearing.


Business casual attire is a versatile and stylish way to dress for the office. By following these tips, you can create a look that is both professional and comfortable.