Edward-Elmhurst Health & Fitness Center: A Medically-Based Approach to Wellness (One Location Remaining)

Edward-Elmhurst Health & Fitness Center offers a medically-backed approach to health and fitness, but with a twist: as of April 1, 2023, they consolidated their services to their Woodridge location.

Previously, they had a location in Naperville as well, but it permanently closed. If you’re in the Woodridge area, however, the Edward-Elmhurst Health & Fitness Center can still be a great option for you.

Focus on Individual Needs

Edward-Elmhurst Health & Fitness Center prides itself on its personalized approach. Their staff, including certified trainers and instructors, work with you to develop customized fitness programs that consider your unique goals and needs. Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or just beginning your fitness journey, they can help you reach your “Healthy Driven” goals thermablind.com/.

Services Offered

The Woodridge location boasts a variety of amenities to jumpstart your fitness routine. Here are some of what they offer:

  • Comprehensive Personal Training: Get one-on-one guidance from a certified trainer to create a safe and effective workout plan.
  • Diverse Aquatics Classes: Enjoy the low-impact benefits of water exercise with a variety of aquatic classes.
  • Energizing Fitness Classes: Group fitness classes offer a fun and social way to get your heart rate up.
  • Fun Programs for Kids and Teens: Keep the whole family active with special programs designed for younger age groups.
  • Outpatient Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy: If you’re recovering from an injury or surgery, their physical therapy services can help you get back on track.

Getting Started

They take the guesswork out of starting your fitness journey by offering a free fitness assessment when you join. This assessment helps trainers understand your current fitness level and any limitations you may have.

Medically-Based Advantage

A key differentiator for Edward-Elmhurst Health & Fitness Center is their medical background. Their staff is CPR and AED certified, and their trainers and therapists hold industry-standard certifications. This ensures you receive safe and effective guidance tailored to your individual needs.

Considering Edward-Elmhurst Health & Fitness Center

If you live in the Woodridge area and are looking for a personalized approach to health and fitness, Edward-Elmhurst Health & Fitness Center could be a good option for you. Their medically-based background, along with a variety of classes and services, can help you reach your wellness goals. Remember, their Naperville location is permanently closed, so be sure to visit their Woodridge facility.