What To Look For In A Virtual Private Server Hosting Provider?

Right since the launch of VPS Hosting in India, this hosting type has grown in popularity. Today, it is one of the most preferred hosting types. While Shared Hosting was preferred by many new sites earlier, the growing demand for customized web hosting plans and environments and better traffic spike management has made VPS Hosting more popular among websites of all sizes. However, before buying a VPS Hosting plan, it is important to remember that the efficiency of a VPS Server depends on many factors. Today, we will highlight some important aspects that you need to look for in a provider offering VPS Hosting in India.

Does The Provider Offer Complete Root Access?

An important feature that makes a VPS popular is the administrative or root access on the server. With this access, you can customize the settings, install any applications or software, and create a hosting environment tailor-made to your website. Even if you are opting for managed services, having full root access is important to ensure that you can create a virtual server as needed.

Pay Attention To The Storage Device/Architecture

For a website to perform efficiently, one of the various aspects that need to work in sync is the storage architecture. Traditionally, hard disk drives or HDDs were the only options when it came to server storage. However, with the invention of solid-state drives or SSDs, server storage has reached a whole new level. While SSDs are costlier than HDDs, they offer functionalities like high performance and speeds that easily offset the additional cost. Based on the requirements of your website, ensure that you choose the right storage architecture.

Security Of The Server

Virtual servers are known for their highly secure environments. However, you should assume that the provider is deploying the latest tools and security measures because he is offering VPS Hosting. Ensure that you assess the security protocol put in place with regular monitoring, identifying vulnerabilities and correcting them, to tackle any imminent virus/malware threat. Talk to the provider and understand how he manages the security of the server.

Technical Support

In today‚Äôs times, a website needs to be available and performing optimally at all times of the day or night. Also, with servers and networks working in tandem to make a site available to the end-user, there is always a possibility of a glitch hampering the site availability/experience. Hence, you need a hosting provider who offers 24×7 technical support via email or chat or calls (as per your comfort). Without such support, you will be left to troubleshoot such issues on your own. Also, ensure that the support team offers quality service.


A VPS Server can go a long way in ensuring that you get the optimum speed and high performance. While it does require some amount of technical know-how, with a managed services plan from the right provider, you can create a customized environment without being a tech whiz. Ensure that you understand the hosting requirements of your site and ask the right questions before buying. Good Luck!