Laptops have many changes in the past two years. The distinction between product attributes is more obvious. Gaming laptops are famous for their high performance, strong heat dissipation and large volume. They are suitable for users who have fixed places to play games. Fashion and portable ultra-thin laptops are more suitable for daily office and business trips. The HUAWEI HONOR series is an office laptop with high cost performance. It has extreme functions and a sense of technology.

In terms of configuration, HONOR MagicBook has NVIDIA GeForce MX150 discrete graphics card and 2 GB of video memory. It has Dual channel 8 GB memory, 256 GB solid-state disk.  Reading speed is much faster than mechanical hard disk.

HONOR MagicBook focuses on being light, thin and portable. Its exterior design adopts fashionable elements, giving the overall feeling of simplicity.

Only the upper right corner of side a has LOGO. There is no decoration in other places. Compared with the fancy design style of traditional laptop, it is more in line with the office concept of young people now.

The back of the laptop has four anti-skid foot pads. Laptop can be firmly placed on smooth surfaces such as glass and ceramic tiles. There is no need to worry about the displacement of the laptop caused by sliding. The left and right sides are long heat dissipation holes. They will form convection and speed up heat dissipation.

HONOR MagicBook is designed to support 180-degree opening and closing. It can adapt to various environments. You can play with it while lying on the sofa.

Many ultra-thin books on the market have sacrificed a lot of things for thinness. The lack of sockets is criticized by users. They need to purchase a docking station to realize the functions of charging, keyboard and mouse, connecting the display and reading the U disk.

HONOR MagicBook has made a comprehensive consideration on this point. The body supports two USB sockets, one power socket, one earphone socket and one HDMI port. There is no problem in normal use. There is no need to purchase additional docking stations.

The 13-inch body is equipped with a 14-inch 1080P screen. The borders on both sides of the screen are narrow, so the HONOR MagicBook accounts for 81% of the screen. The visual experience will be better. In terms of size, the narrowest edge width is less than 1 CM. The thickest edge width is only 15.8 CM. The weight is only 1.47 kg. Compared with similar 14-inch screen products, it is light and thin.

It has the fingerprint unlocking function. Startup button is combined with the fingerprint key. It will automatically trigger fingerprint identification when starting up. The startup speed is nearly twice as fast as that of the traditional password method. The tedious steps of inputting the password again or unlocking the fingerprint are reduced.


The body is equipped with a full-size customized keyboard, with a key stroke of only 1.3 mm. It has comfortable hand feeling, moderate feedback feeling, and no hand fatigue after long-term typing operation. The backlight of the keyboard is adjustable in three levels, which is suitable for use under different lights.

Among them, the noise reduction design of the keyboard is practical. It can shield the sound of the keyboard in the teleconference and reduce the interference.

There are many points to pay attention to when buying laptop computers. HUAWEI HONOR laptops can fully meet the needs of consumers. Let’s buy the latest HONOR laptops together and enjoy the front-end functions and technology it brings.