magento 2 pwa development

Magento PWA is getting more attention from merchants as it can upgrade the online shopping experience of users. But just as everything has two sides, Magento 2 PWA development has both advantages and disadvantages.

PWA stands for Progressive Web App. It is known as the perfect combination of an app and a website. However, firms still hesitate whether to invest in this new technology or not.

Does Magento Progressive Web App truly improve the online shopping experience and generate more online orders?

Is this a risky investment (consuming too much time and money but turnover rate is low)?

This post will look into both the good and bad sides of Magento 2 Progressive Web App to determine whether this should be on the must-do list for merchants or not.

Let’s get started!

Pluses Of Developing Magento 2 PWA

Speed up Loading Time

The waiting time for the data to appear on the website is now optimized to a few seconds. Also, there is no loading time for preloaded pages.

This means there is less likelihood for store visitors to exit the site due to slow speed.

Optimize for mobile users

By creating Magento Progressive Web App for the store, firms would get a separate storefront for mobile phones and laptops.

Therefore, it is more convenient and flexible for customers to choose the gadget to view the store.

Increase flexibility to use

Offline mode and background sync are two functions of Magento PWA that enable users to maintain online shopping despite the loss of Internet connection. They allow more action from consumers during offline time.

Buyers can enjoy viewing the preloaded pages and the new PWA store can now record the order information made during the time of no connection.

Grant easy access

If asked any website customers about the most annoying feature, it must be remembering the link address. Looking into history is so tiring. Magento 2 PWA development can delete this stress.

Consumers can now install PWA just like an app through “Add to home screen”. The installation time is just a few seconds and buyers can now access the store right from their home screen.

Provide competitive advantage over rivals

With the Magento 2 PWA development, the online website is now upgraded and equipped with new features.

This helps to bring a better user experience which plays an important role in lengthening the session duration and lower bounce rate at the same time.

Also, as being mobile-friendly is the criteria for gaining top places on Google search results, creating Magento PWA completes this mission so well.

It makes adjustments on content and design for the Magento website to fit the different screen sizes and fit mobile users more.

As the site ranking gets higher, this generates organic traffic for the site and this again boosted the ranking. The cycle repeats and supports SEO optimization for the website.

Boost conversion rate

Another reason why merchants should consider Magento 2 PWA integration is that it can generate more sales revenue.

Customers probably gain a higher level of satisfaction with the new online shopping experience. This leads to more chances of customers making the purchase.

Plus, the store can easily reach the target customers without spending extra money for investing in marketing or advertisement activities.

Those who need the products search on Google and discover the store as PWA improves the site’s SEO score and it can now appear on 1st or 2nd pages of Google search results.

Push notification from Magento Progressive Web App supports businesses in building better relationships with consumers.

The reminders of promotion events, the launch of new products can work as the stimulator to encourage consumers to buy something from the store.

Provide better protection for website

When merchants build Magento PWA, they also upgrade the security level of the store. This leads to better protection for both consumers and merchants.

Stealing customers’ information or business’s order data can cause firms to fall into serious trouble. While the fault does not belong to merchants, it is their responsibility to fix all this issue.

Minuses of Magento PWA development

Of course, Magento 2 PWA development also has some certain constraints that may discourage firms from starting the integration process.


The cheapest solution for Magento 2 PWA development is $500. If merchants want the best PWA store for their Magento website, this also means they need to pay a higher price to get the better quality.


It takes a few weeks to a few months depending on the Magento PWA development solution that merchants choose.


While this responsibility belongs to developers, store owners also need to participate to make sure to fix any issues during the development process and the final result is up to their expectation.

Solving the problem on time would consume less time and effort than waiting till the end to fix it.

The above disadvantages are actually faced by every merchant when starting to invest in something new.

Time, money and effort are requirements for upgrading the store’s performance and bringing a better online shopping experience.

Gaining a high market share does not depend on luck but merchants need to work on improving the quality of the business operation.

Invest In Magento 2 PWA Development – You Won’t Regret

The benefits that Magento 2 PWA development brings to the store is worth the time, money and effort firms spend on.

We consider this as a wise decision when we are facing the threat from Covid 19 and there are no signs that the offline shops can regain the revenues before the spread of this disease.

By contrast, the eCommerce industry constantly shows strong and constant growth throughout this period. Thus, improving the online shopping website is undeniably the best survival strategy for business.

We hope this post has made it easier for firms to understand more about the benefits as well as the drawbacks of building Magento 2 PWA for the store. If you want to share any other thoughts, feel free to comment!