If you own yourself a Samsung Smartphone and prefer modding or rooting your gadget, flashing official Samsung stock firmware can be quite useful. Odin by Samsung is an internal program that helps load such updates for testing purposes. The program is easy to use for your customized requirements.

Although Odin is quite simple to use, there are a few basics you must learn before you get started. While you can use hacking to get Odin software installed on Mac, the native program works well with Windows only.

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So, basically, you need a Windows system and a USB data cable.

Look For Odin Firmware Files

First and foremost, you need to look for the actual firmware that you have to flash, it perhaps be tough for you to find it online. Most users post beta and Samsung stock firmware versions online. If you are fortunate enough to have the latest Samsung flagship, you can easily download the required firmware online.

Extract The Required Firmware Files

Now, you need to right-click on the Odin firmware ZIP folder and choose the ‘Extract all’ option. You will get five MD5 files here. Ensure to keep a note of the location of these files, as you will have to pick them later.

Install Accurate Drivers

Your system requires crucial drivers to interface with your Samsung device. This can be done by browse through Samsung’s official website where you can get hold of these drivers you are looking for. Download the required drivers and then run the setup to install them on your computer, reboot your system to ensure that have been applied. Do not skip this step, as this could cause issues with the Odin file.

Install Odin On Your System

Odin only works with Windows operating system, so ensure you have as a system handy. Download the latest version of Odin, extract required files and run the EXE file to launch the software. Check out more at

Put Your Device In Safe Mode And Connect To The PC

With your device turned off, press the Power, Volume Down and Home Button to enter into the safe mode. Some of the older Samsung devices use a different button combo. To find the exact combination, you may Google search. Now, connect your phone to the computer using a USB data cable, latest Samsung phones that do not come with a Home button require a different button combination to enter Safe mode.

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Flash Firmware Files

Check the Odin app. Click on the ‘BL’ button, pick the file that starts with ‘BL’ in the extracted firmware folder. Now, click on the ‘AP’ button and pick the AP file that is within the extracted folder. Now click on the ‘CP’ button, and choose a CP file from the extracted firmware folder. Click on the ‘CSC’ button and pick HOME_CSC file from the extracted firmware folder.

Ensure to have the HOME_CSC file and not the CSC. The USERDATA option is not required for this process. Ensure to verify your files and then click the ‘Start’ button at the bottom of the Odin app to get started.