There are a few misconceptions about call centers that may prevent some businesses from taking advantage of technology that can significantly improve their customer service. When you consider the fact that customers are the most important resource for any business and the fact that 96% of worldwide customers claim that customer support is a deciding factor in whether they stay with a company, it’s clear that you need to do everything you can to provide a stand-out customer experience.

A modern contact center can be a huge help to businesses of all sizes. You may still picture call centers as offices lined with rows of cubicles, each housing an exasperated agent who’s been taking phone calls from frustrated customers who have been left on hold for extended periods. This is only true of outdated call centers that still rely on legacy systems, however. Modern call center solutions make providing exceptional service easy, and they can significantly boost your customer satisfaction. When you choose advanced solutions offered by Bright Pattern, you can expect the best services available. Here are just some of the greatest benefits of their contact center software.

You Can Run a Virtual Contact Center.

Thanks to cloud-based contact center solutions, you aren’t required to keep your support team in-house, and there’s no need to pay for expensive on-premises hardware or infrastructure either. You can run a virtual call center staffed by remote workers in different time zones, making it easier than ever to offer around-the-clock customer support.

In addition to the cost benefits and customer convenience, this will likely keep your employees happier as well. Everyone knows how productive and convenient remote work can be since the COVID-19 pandemic, and 54% of workers have expressed that they’d prefer to keep working remotely, at least part of the time. It’s looking more and more likely that remote work, or a hybrid approach, is going to be the “new normal,” and embracing this with cloud call center software will make your company a great one to work for.

You’ll Have a True Omnichannel Solution.

The term “call center” really isn’t accurate to the functionality these centers have anymore. Sure, they still take large volumes of incoming calls, and smart routing solutions like interactive voice response (IVR) make it easier than ever to connect customers with the right agent for their unique needs. Modern contact centers are about more than just answering voice calls from callers, though.

Now, it’s possible for customers to contact your agents using their preferred digital channel, whether that’s texting, SMS, social media, live chat, or even your mobile app. Convenience and instant responses are basic customer expectations in the digital world, and you need to provide them to stay relevant.

With Bright Pattern’s software, you’ll take things even further with true omnichannel capabilities. Not only does this support all communication channels, but it also grants customers the ability to seamlessly switch between them, all while keeping in contact with the same support agent. Perhaps a customer starts an interaction with a voice call but it goes on for longer than expected and they’re about to enter a public area. They can switch over to a text conversation without losing any of their progress. Not only does this save everyone’s time, but it also makes for unique and personalized customer interactions that are sure to be memorable.

You can Easily Integrate your CRM.

Bright Pattern even offers powerful integrations with whatever customer relationship management (CRM) system you’re running, whether it’s Microsoft Dynamics 365, Salesforce, Zendesk, or Oracle Service Cloud. This means that your agent will be able to retrieve any relevant customer data during support calls, such as previous purchasing history and previous questions, so you can get calls toward successful resolutions even faster.

These seamless integrations benefit your sales team as well since they’ll be able to use the same customer data to make special offers to your best customers during marketing campaigns, inspiring customer loyalty even more.