Understanding the Impact of AI on the Hospitality Industry

It is the experience that makes your guests coming back time and again. Such scenarios glean to drive customer loyalty in the long run, which ultimately leads to more revenues. Artificial Intelligence or AI in the hospitality industry is quite popular, especially among many prominent hotel brands that have started using AI in the form of chatbot messaging to automate their operations. This technology has completely disrupted the functioning of inns around the world but in a good way. It gained huge popularity due to its ability to streamline processes and offer a guest-centric service experience. Not to mention, artificial intelligence is nothing but a way ahead.

The concept of AI has existed for many years but came to light only a few years ago. So, what does one mean when they use the term artificial intelligence? Simply said, it refers to the intelligent behavior of computers or machines.

The concept has evolved to a point where it can assist businesses and improve their services. It can most certainly collect your customer data, coupled with vast improvements in computer technology. Simply put, it can be used for the betterment of business operations. It works wondrously in areas like customer service, personalization of tasks, advanced problem solving, etc.

Artificial Intelligence has gained importance in the hospitality industry for many reasons. Hotel owners across the world realize how conducive this technology is to keep them up-to-date. It is a huge stress-buster for hotel staff that is continuously stressing over the maintenance of the hotel’s service levels, attending every single guest that walks in, and more.

Improves Hotel Operations

Chatbots are a form of AI that is a boon in assisting hotel staff when there are multiple guests to deal with. It leaves the front desk staff with the job of answering the guests at the front desk comfortably while it takes care of online queries from potential guests. This means both tasks can be performed simultaneously without any hassle.

Manages Revenue Effectively

Revenues are better left to AI as traditionally managed monetary matters don’t last when it comes to international inns. For instance, Primary Management System that hotels usually use for bookings and various other reasons. This cloud-based system gives numerous other benefits too for improving a hotel’s efficiency. In other words, AI makes it possible for channel managers to computer complex data and give out the best rate. It also automates the rates across all channels to eventually help reap the benefits of maximized revenues.

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Better Personalization

Small hotels or inns might be perfectly satiated with a Facebook chatbot to drive additional sales. But, a chain of international inns with hundreds of rooms at each hotel needs more than just a chatbot. Artificial intelligence best serves those who enter the fray early, be it a chatbot or an integrated PMS.

Data Analysis

Just with human efforts, it is near to impossible to achieve tasks like customer service, loyalty programs, knowing the guest preferences, guest retentions, etc. Therefore, hotel owners leverage the advanced features of AI technology to quickly and efficiently categorize their guest data as per room preference, amenities that guests use, budget, etc. They use this information to lure guests with attractive loyalty programs.

Multilingual Booking Experience

Language can be a hindrance in any business as it can create a negative experience in the mind of customers or guests (in the case of the hospitality industry). Chatbots, here, help create a simulated conversation through natural language processing (text) and generation (voice) in the guests’ native language. It ensures clear and concise interactions between human and the machine.

Artificial Intelligence, aka AI, in the hospitality industry is a hype worth investing in. Thus, turn to the most trusted and reliable hotel management application that we customize at HelloGM for your hotel’s needs. With our high-tech automated solution, you can rest assured your business operations will be managed like a pro.