These proven user experience gimmicks will help you grow.

Customer satisfaction is the core element to differentiate from competitors. In an ocean full of fish, to stand out, you need to make sure your products or services are as per customer expectations. Customer satisfaction is the new benchmark for companies to grow in the market. So, companies need to make exceptional strategies to enhance customer service and build positive customer relationships.

We have curated a list of proven customer strategies to stand out: 

  • Reduce customer efforts: when customers search for something online, they only want answers as effortlessly as possible. Therefore, it’s wise for a business to remove high-effort tasks to improve user experience. Consider a customer finalized product from your platform, but they had to perform so many formalities during checkout. So, if your competitor has an easy checkout facility, that won’t buy from you. According to a Harvard graduate, a true sense of customer experience is achieved when they put the least effort into services. But why? Understand in this way, Hundreds of businesses are offering identical services to similar customers. So, why will they make so much effort to buy from you? Therefore, to enhance sales, companies need to minimize customer efforts. 
  • Too much automation is not necessary: Nowadays, we see chatbots on every platform. They help customers with queries but have you thought if your customer asked your bot something, not in the system. Therefore, entirely relying on automation is not suitable for customer services. Sometimes, automating tasks fail to produce a user-centric experience. For instance, an automobile company innovated an app for drivers to call agents in an emergency. Sounds great? But it’s suitable only on paper; in so much chaos of an emergency, in what state of mind driver will be able to open the app and call the agent. Therefore, Companies should not blindly depend on automation. Make sure you understand the consumer journey, behavior before you try automation.
  • Satisfaction and mood of your customer support team will impact your customers: The customer support team is the one with direct contact with customers. If your customer support employee made a wrong impression on the consumer, you might lose your loyal customer. So, companies need to set standards for customer support teams to treat customers. More than 88% high performing companies invest heavily in training their customer support employees while low-performing businesses lack customer support. So, regularly train your employees with customer tactics to deal with them politely and quickly resolve their issues. Soft skills can play a huge part in a better customer experience

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  • Customer feedback plays a crucial role: Your ultimate goal is to provide customers with the best results, isn’t it? But how would you know if they perceive your brand that way? That’s why you need the customer voice. Feedback is an excellent way to improve the user experience. You can use different channels to receive customer feedback. Channels will help you with feedback and customer engagement, such as chatbots, comment sections, ratings are some ways to receive feedback. AnalyzingAnalyzing and understanding your customer’s needs, requirements, issues would help improve as a whole. You can ensure your end product or service meets customer expectations. While collecting feedback, you can make them feel wanted and valuable; customers will know their opinion matters to your brand, thus ultimately creating an opportunity to convert sales.
  • Social proof increases your credibility and customer experience: Social proof such as ratings, celebrity endorsement, testimonials and case studies, etc. It shows how many consumers love your product or services. Social proof is an excellent tool for word of mouth. According to a survey, more than 80% of customers believe online reviews as much as they believe recommendations from family or friends and even more than marketing. Almost all customers check online reviews before buying. Showing customer opinions, reviews, ratings, and no. of Customers buying your product will develop confidence in customers for your product and brand, thus influencing buying behavior. Therefore, companies can use online reviews as an excellent tool to enhance customer experience.
  • Make them part of your Success: The Success or failure of companies depends on how satisfied their customers are. When companies involve their customers in social events, they feel wanted, honored, welcoming and valuable. Not only monetary offers but appreciating your customers is also essential. There are several ways to provide better customer services by making them part of your Success as:
  • Reward your loyal customers: small personalized messages or special discounts to your customers who purchase from you regularly can be a great tool for customer experience.
  • Appreciate feedback: Give shoutouts to the customers for providing positive and valuable feedback. Let them know that your business takes customer voice seriously.
  • Reward your high spending customers: Give special discounts or offers to customers spending the maximum amount on your products.
  • Provide early access to regular customers.