The Pros and Cons of Solar Panels

Solar panels are a great way to save money on your energy bills and reduce your carbon footprint. But, before you make the decision about whether or not solar panels are right for you, there are some important factors that can affect how much benefit you receive from them. In this article, we’re going to cover those pros and cons so that by the end of it, you’ll be able to decide if they’re something worth looking into further.

1. The Pros

  • With solar panels, you can lower your energy bills and get yourself off the grid completely. Depending on where you live, this might not be feasible for everyone, but in certain areas of the country, it is possible to save big money by eliminating your electricity bill altogether.
  • Solar Panels are a great investment in your home because they increase the value of your house when it goes up for sale or you decide to refinance. As long as they’re maintained properly, once installed they’ll continue producing energy long after you’ve made back most of what you spent installing them in the first place. So, they are essentially an income generator for homeowners with roofs that are suited to solar power generation.
  • Solar panels are great for the environment. They don’t produce any harmful emissions like gasoline-powered cars, and they use the most abundant renewable resource on Earth (the Sun!).
  • Solar Panels allow you to become energy independent; they offer you more control over your power usage which is often not an option when you’re living under a set of terms set by your local utility company.
  • The cost of solar panels has reduced significantly in recent years, yet their efficiency has nearly doubled since 2008! So even though it might take a few years before you start saving money on your monthly bill, as long as the initial investment makes sense for where you live and what kind of home you have, it’s worth taking advantage of while you can.

2. The Cons

Fears proposal to charge households with solar panels to export electricity  will kill demand for solar energy - ABC News

  • Solar Panels are very expensive to purchase and install, so unless you’re completely sure about them, it might be better to wait until the technology becomes more affordable or your house gains enough value to make the investment worthwhile. Where gas-powered vehicles are concerned, this is something that should always be paid attention to because once purchased they become fixed appliances in your home; they can’t simply be taken back to the store when times get rough!
  • If you decide not to put solar panels on your home then there’s no way for you to take advantage of their cost-savings benefits. So, if you rent your home instead of owning it (and therefore cannot reap financial benefits later on), it may not be worth the investment. Or if you live in an apartment or condo where your roof is already shared with others, then the investment is simply too risky to justify.
  • Solar Panels are often only suited for homes that are south-facing, which means they cannot harness energy from the sun during periods of time when it’s cloudy outside or at night. Because of this, solar panels aren’t typically recommended for northern climates despite their ability to generate electricity year-round.
  • Solar Panels can be very detrimental to your home’s resale value in areas where they are less common because potential buyers might consider them out of style or unnecessary given how different they make a home look compared to its neighbors who don’t have them.
  • Solar Panels are not an effective way to generate electricity for larger buildings like factories or office buildings so if you’re looking to power anything other than residential homes, they probably aren’t right for you.

The Conclusion

So now that we’ve reviewed the pros and cons of solar panels, hopefully, you’ll be able to decide if they’re something worth investing in for your home, apartment, or business! If you do decide to invest in solar panels then please keep us posted on how much money you save by using them! We’d love to hear from people with different backgrounds and walks of life about their experiences with this new technology! In the end, it always helps to get a second opinion before you make your final decision. Thanks for stopping by and I hope to hear from you soon!