A Passion For Food

Are you obsessed with watching food videos lately? If the answer is yes, then you should read the blog until the end as we have listed some amazing TV shows that will satisfy your choice.

The pandemic has managed to take on everyone’s mental health. People have been experiencing high stress and anxiety levels by isolating in their homes and keeping up with gloves in regards to the pandemic restrictions. And because of this people have been trying new things to cope with their paused social life and adapt to the “new normal life” in the pandemic.

While some people have been cooking a lot lately, others are watching others cook. According to a survey, online searches for recipes and food blogs have increased. Also, people have been watching food videos on social media pages a lot as well.

According to a survey, almost 75% of people are claiming to cook more in the pandemic than they were doing before the pandemic. Similarly, food pages like Tasty, Tastemade are witnessing great popularity with their food videos as more people are watching these videos and also giving out tons of positive comments.

This shows that pandemic has enticed passion for food for many people.

So if you are someone who loves watching cooking videos or you are someone who has discovered a passion for cooking, you are going to be delighted with our list. The list has some amazing TV shows that are made for the food-loving audience.

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So now that we know which internet cable TV service to choose, it is time for some suggestions:


This is not your typical feel-good series but is surely worth watching.

Rotten is an interesting food show because it explores the rotten side of food production. In its second season, the viewers can find the exploration of honey, milk, garlic, and much more.

Season 2 dealt with topics such as avocados and sugar.

You can stream the show on Netflix.

Taco Chronicles

The show has the word Taco in it; do we need to explain more?

We surely do not, just we are going to.

The Taco Chronicles is Spanish langue series that is all about; you guessed it right, tacos.

Be aware the show is going to make you very very hungry.

You can stream the show on Netflix.

Master Chef Australia

Australia’s famous cooking competition is the best binge watch show ever. The shows exhibit former participants competing back on the show to score the trophy that they were unable to claim in their previous seasons.

And course, while seeing these awesome chefs cook you would either want to cook or would want to just eat.

Street Food

Lovers of Chef Table would surely find this series much more interesting. From bringing roadside food to local-cuisines in cozy restaurants, Street food is the best companion to have in the pandemic.

The nine episodes in the first season take you to different countries in Asia, which is a great thing to experience since we are not able to travel in real life.

The show will increase your knowledge of street food more than you ever thought a series can.

Salt Fat Acid Heat

The show is based on James Beard Award-winning author Jasmin Nosrat’s book of the same name. This is a four-part series that has the host visiting Camingstay restaurant in California Chez Panisse and also Restaurants in Mexico, Japan, and Italy.

The show of the host, Nosrat herself explores what good cooking means and also instructions to the fundamentals of the main good meal.


Find out some of the best TV shows made only for food lovers and topped with some delightful virtual traveling for travelers.