The Best Six Modes of Email Marketing that are Relevant in 2022

Whether you’re a customer receiving promotional corporate endorsement e-mails or a small business curating the ideal email marketing campaign for your target audience, this fantastic marketing tool is the most affordable way to go.

In today’s fast-paced modern society, keeping up is a challenge. Almost every small business or enterprise is craving a small window of opportunity to pounce at. The constantly evolving industry of email marketing has provided that very window.

With approximately 59.5% of human society having access to the internet, the world of opportunities available for marketing campaigns is invaluable. At this stage of human technological dependence, if your company is not actively utilizing e-mails in your marketing program, you’re in for a rude awakening.

Importance of Having a Proper Goal to Significantly Boost your Email Marketing Campaign:

Your e-mail marketing program must have a primary goal of focusing on a specific target audience over a fixed duration of time. You must know how to make the best email for your marketing campaign following the said desirable outcome.

Though seemingly effortless and ordinary at first glance, venturing on such an undertaking can be overwhelming. Don’t sweat it, for, in this article, we’ll be listing down six ideal modes of e-mail marketing for your email marketing campaign. Identify and incorporate the mode best suited to your company and look at the changes it brings about!

Welcome Emails:

It is common knowledge that when you’ve met someone or made a friend, it is customary to introduce yourself first as a welcoming gesture. The same goes for your email marketing campaign.

The moment someone subscribes to your campaign, the way you welcome them to your brand family is crucial towards building a sense of trust. Suppose the first thing your subscriber receives, the moment they subscribe to your campaign, is a heavy sales pitch. In that case, they will almost immediately lose interest and might even unsubscribe.

Hence, to avoid such a premature end to your campaign, it is recommended to add a sense of personal touch to your emails to build familiarity between you and your customer. For this reason, welcome emails incite more client interaction and higher revenue rates than other modes of e-mail marketing.

Newsletter Emails:

A newsletter involving an innovative e-mail is not necessarily a campaign. Unlike a marketing campaign, it is not bound by a specific duration of time and can carry on almost indefinitely. Nor is it a sales pitch. A newsletter is not something that incites your target audience to purchase from your company actively but a type of informative email that appeals to your target audience by providing information and daily updates on the proceedings of your company.

You can look for newsletter examples to adapt and help you create your email newsletter!

Sponsorship Emails:

It is not mandatory for your email marketing campaign to be restricted to only your target audience. It is common for companies and businesses to promote their enterprises through small adverts across various platforms.

Sponsorship emails are a great choice if you want to spread your company’s influence over an audience not exposed to your marketing campaign. For such emails, you generally have to pay a certain sum to a different enterprise to display an advert for your company in their marketing campaigns.

Dedicated Emails:

Such emails with a singular pretext or directive behind them and are stand-alone, having no relevance to any other email sent before or after, are known as dedicated emails.

As the name suggests, these emails are specifically tailored to address a singular offer/event. You are suggested to curate and send targeted emails only to a carefully segregated portion of your target audience, catering to their own needs and behaviour.

For example, direct emails regarding an event you’re hosting can be sent only to your VIP Members as a form of a personal invitation.

Transactional Emails:

Transactional emails are reactive e-mails triggered only through performing a specific action. Once triggered, these pre-written emails are sent to respond to the action taken.

For example, suppose you’ve signed up as a premium member of an online streaming service. In that case, you will receive an appreciative transactional email thanking you for your purchase as a subscribed member.

Transactional emails can also be used as a bill or receipt to a purchase you’ve recently made, with billing and shipment details.

Lead-oriented E-mails:

These emails provide a strategic approach to curating content that perfectly relates and caters to the needs of your target audience. These emails are made after having a careful understanding of the needs and behaviour of your target audience.

These emails present a series of tightly linked messages, have a common goal, and are packed with relevant information. They can be used to advertise a variety of items, including numerous marketing resources and reduced service offers.

The penultimate goal is to build a sense of mutual trust to convert your target audience into loyal customers.


These are the best 6 modes of email marketing that are still relevant in 2022. Follow the list and tailor your strategic approach to benefit your marketing campaign.