Reasons Why Python Continues To Be Popular For Global Developers

The technological era is progressing further day by day, making everything so much easier to achieve. However, do you know what the key ingredient is behind this development in the technological era? Well, coding is the key. Coding makes everything achievable, be it simple web development or creating robotics.

There are numerous coding languages that pave the path of technological advancement. However, Python remains one of the most popular programming languages. The statistical data suggests that almost 48.24 percent of developers around the globe count on Python to create systems.

What Is Python?

Python is a programming language that is commonly employed to create web pages and applications. This also serves different functions, including automating operations and data analysis. Python helps as a general-purpose programming language. This implies that it can operate to generate a wide range of applications. However, it isn’t tailored to mitigate any particular issue.

Python is intended to be a very approachable language. It typically uses English terms instead of punctuation. It possesses a few syntactic structures to complete the task of web development. If you want to build an app for your business, you can hire Python developers.

Is Python Suitable For Beginners?

Python is considered to be an excellent choice for beginner-level developers. It is not only simple to use but also possesses a strong and flexible approach. Python’s usability allows it to be an excellent programming language. Beginners can learn Python easily as this language does not comprise complicated terminologies. It is mostly based on English terms.

Seven Reasons That Have Made Python A Popular Programming Language

1. Easy To Understand And Operate:

Python is way simpler than any other programming language. It has the same layout as English, making it quick to understand. If you want to learn it by yourself, you can do it too. Even if you do not possess any basic knowledge of coding, you can start learning it. This becomes feasible because of its simple nature.

Python seems to be the wisest choice as a programming language for learners who want to begin their programming adventure. Nowadays, kids are also taking part in learning Python since it is so easy to understand and implement. Eight percent of all Python users are under the age of 17.

2. Huge Python Community:

Programmers always look for a coding language that has a community that is user-friendly as well as efficient. Python is a programming language community that serves these purposes, along with ensuring rapid support resources. No matter how many coding issues you face, the Python community ensures round-the-clock assistance. This community has evolved greatly by helping programmers since its inception 30 years ago.

Even if you are a learner, you can still benefit from the python community. You can get access to a variety of publications, instructions, videos, and other resources to work on your doubts. Add to that, the Python Software Foundation provides support, PyCon organizes workshops many times a year, and Django Documentation supplies Django-related help. Being active as a community has served Python majorly in achieving success as a programming language.

3. Libraries:

When it comes to libraries, Python has one of the most enriched libraries with a large number of ingrained components. Having these libraries is crucial since they act as a trustworthy resource for programmers. With the help of these libraries, programmers get to code fast without wasting much time. It also aids in eliminating difficult coding issues in no time. The Python libraries possess various components for different applications.

Scikit for machine learning, NumPy for scientific computing, Panda for data frames, and BeautifulSoup for HTML, are some of the examples. Due to the presence of well-versed libraries, Python has become extremely popular among coders.

4. Broad Range Of Resources:

Learning Python is a very doable task at any time and from any location. This is a sustainable task because Python has a growing number of online resources. Even if you wanted to get a good free education on the Python programming language, it would take barely any time to find it online. Codecademy, and FreeCodeCamp are some examples of online education systems to learn Python.

5. Machine Learning, IoT, And Automation:

Some of the trendiest technologies are machine learning, IoT development, and automation. Python serves as the principal language to run these technologies. Even when it comes to these sectors’ research and development, Python is the programming language that is operating it further.

Python allows developers to create extensive automation systems with the incorporation of just a few lines of code. Machine learning projects get lots of benefits from the use of Python libraries as well. It is broadly applied in the construction of IoT devices. As a result, mastering Python has become a requirement if you want to make progress in these fields.



6. Big Data, Data Science, And Cloud Computing:

When it comes to data science languages, Python is regarded as the second most prominent and commonly used data science language. Python solely fuels data processing operations in different firms worldwide.

It is also important for data science to provide simple data analysis and organisation capabilities. Python effortlessly meets the requirements. Python also possesses the ability to analyse and process large amounts of data right out of the box. Python can also handle some of the most complicated cloud computing systems. Since these important aspects are fulfilled by Python, it is gaining huge worldwide attention day by day.



7. Efficacy, Speed, Trustworthiness:

Python ensures a faster process than any other language. It is able to operate its functions in different systems without putting any hold on performance. The efficiency and dependability of the Python language are also unquestionable for executing different tasks of machine learning, deep learning, and artificial intelligence.


A recent survey has revealed the fact that the United States retains about 431,000 Python developers. So, it is evident from the figure that the popularity of Python is quite high. The aforementioned features play major roles in helping Python achieve this high level of recognition.