Quick & Easy Tips to Crop a Video Online

Looking to modify the main focus of the video you have just created? Chances are you would not like to put in all that hard work again in re-shooting the footage. Now what? What can you do? Simple, use a crop tool!

Cropping is the procedure of adjusting or moving the edges of a video clip. Generally used for image editing, crop tools like InVideo can also help with video editing. These tools will help you crop videos so you can remove all distracting or unwanted parts of a video clip. Cropping also enables you to change the dimensions of your video, so it fits within specific areas.

Irrespective of whether you are working with clips from screen videos or camera videos, you will come across times when you have to crop this footage. So, you need to go through the steps on how to crop a video online.

The steps are as follows:

1. Upload the Video

This is a very simple step where you just need to pick a file for opening the file browser for the computer and navigating to the perfect video. Once you are there, simply click on upload.

If you want to crop a video that is already on the web, you will have to type in the URL of the video and then download the same to the crop tool you are using.

Either way, you will have the video in your video editing tool.

Free Video Cropper: Crop Your Videos Online | Adobe Spark

2. Choose the Right Crop Tool

Next, choose the crop tool that you think will help you all the way through in cropping your video the way you desire.


Cropping is a very simple process. The video editor you are using will present you with a cropped box design that you can easily move, contract, and stretch until you get the exact cropping effect desired.

You have the option of keeping a certain aspect ratio for the crop. This is one of the best options to ensure the video fits nicely into your device when you intend to play the same. You can also go for freeform cropping that can actually be any type of aspect ratio you desire.

Once you click on the crop option, all the distracting or unwanted elements of your video will be edited, keeping only the portions you desire. Now you can download the cropped visual and play it on any device.

How Is Video Cropping Different from Trimming and Zooming?

As has already been said, cropping is the procedure of adjusting or moving the edges of a clip in a video. Of course, there are various other procedures of editing a video where there is no cropping involved. These procedures include trimming and splitting.

Zooming is ideal for demonstrations and software tutorials where you need to put forward a complete detailed view of the user interface. Different video editing tools allow you to zoom in and zoom out videos simply by changing the scale or the size of the images and the clips.

Then there’s trimming that involves removing certain portions of the starting or the end of the videos. This is also known as trimming the tail or the top of the videos to give them a more professional look.

Trimming is of huge importance as it ensures that the video starts immediately without the business losing the audience’s attention. Video cutters available with the different video editing tools allow users to trim audios and videos separately.

Hence, it can be rightly concluded that splitting, zooming, cropping, and trimming are some of the greatest techniques you can have and even use in your video editing toolbox.

When to Crop a Video?

Some instances when cropping proves to be one of the most helpful techniques are as follows:

  • When you want to fit certain video footage in a specific frame or space like a device frame.
  • When you need to remove black bars common in mobile videos.
  • When you are looking to patch a major irregularity or mistake in the screen recording.
  • When you want to show simultaneous actions taking place in different areas of the screen.
  • When a specific part of the user interface needs to be isolated.
  • When you are looking to display several clips on the screen simultaneously.

Crop Videos With the InVideo Editing Tool

InVideo is a completely free online video editing and cropping tool with an easy-to-use interface and a simple learning curve. It offers great cropping functionality and lets the users trim, cut, crop, and zoom videos while adding effects and adjusting audio at the same time.

With InVideo, it also gets easy for the users to replace audio tracks completely without losing quality. This is a very simple tool that works fine and offers top-quality output along with a very easy workflow.

A simple and convenient online editing tool without any frills, this platform runs very quickly and comes with a wealth of varied functionalities. It concentrates on permitting users to edit video clips and move on with cropping their videos while adding different types of special effects as well.

This tool’s nice and clean interface offers speedy video editing results with a plethora of functionalities enabling the tool to do almost anything and everything. Cropping a video using It is a simple process. You just need to choose the crop tool from its menu and start with the process.

Another great thing about this tool is that it supports a wide assortment of file formats, presenting a wonderful package suitable for the novices and even those on the lookout for more control and convenience in cropping their videos online.


Now that you know everything about cropping a video online, it is time for you to choose the best editing tool and start with the process. Transform your selection of different video footage and clips into effective and coherent stories without putting in any effort.