Pendo and Walk Me comparison

Walk Me would be complying with the digital adoption module, which would provide the users a breath taking experience in this modern digital era. When you are using AI or guidance an outlay is going to allow in accomplishing the tasks with a mobile or a website. Sometimes it may be through an enterprise app. Such a platform would be extending support to an Android app or Walk Me. When you compare the customers it is going to cater on to the small or medium sized business.

Customization options

  • The facilities of customization turn out to be top notch. It would be developing a complex UI for designing any form of announcements or a walk through.
  • With a Walk Me you would be able to accomplish quality work. A fact to consider is the welfare along with the health of the workers as the treatment of customers need to be in mind.
  • For a quality product it would integrate. It is going to be via a webpage that would be seamless and an easy one to integrate. Such a concept appears to be great and it is going to be following an actual love module.

The areas to consider

  • In most of the cases it may turn difficult to be setting up things. A situation is that the prescribed use of the product could go wrong. This would be leading to a lower time on the app since it would be difficult to arrive at ROI.
  • Numerous types of issues might emerge from Flash or the numerous internet operating modules. It works out to be a difficult task to be honest
  • It would be labelled in the form of an instructional tool. A mobile would turn out to be an additional cost.


Pendo pretty much as the name indicates would be a product centric module. An user is able to capture the data along with the behaviour. It goes on to obtain feedback where you have an in app message, which is going to influence the app performance.

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Such a platform works out to be web based as it would be providing support to windows, or IOS based apps. Hence it might be catering to the group of customers be it a large business or a small medium sized business.

The benefits

  • It works out to be an excellent solution on how the customers would be responding to a particular product. On a page it is possible to track down the clickable elements as it would be existing within the tool all by itself
  • In the overall scenario they might be gaining insights on how the product would be utilized.
  • As per Pendo there exists an attempt to solve the on boarding process. Any experience which you gain there is a need to possess questions on to the support staff that might turn out to be a great option.

The areas to disregard

  • Numerous apps are there which would require a better tool. If business practices could turn out to be terrible then you may be taking money from the consumers
  • You will not be in a position to clone the guides as far as multiple instances are concerned. It works out to be a pain if you are planning to send out the same message to a repeated set of customers.
  • From all the elements there is an attempt which is made to gather information. Though the option could turn out to be screenshots. It could also mean that you may have to access limited amount of information with a CSV download.

To put things into perspective this could turn out to be the major source of difference between Pendo vs Walk Me. You have to take into account the price considerations before you choose one. When you have the former there is a free trial version available as you do not require any form of a credit card. No form of free account exists as it turns out to be subscription based. Numerous plans may be there that you may opt which once again would be dependent upon your convenience. Even with pendo there is a free trial version available for the same.