Learn About Huawei Monitor Deals And Performance

Price And Availability

Huawei has an appealing choice in the form of its 28.2-inch, 4k-resolution MateView if you’re looking for a big, but not too big, monitor with a sleek design and good all-around specifications. With an RRP of £599.99 in the UK and €699.99 in Europe, it is not the most reasonably priced monitor available. However, huawei monitor deals are presently available with a £100/€100 discount, which is beneficial. At the time of writing, the MateView was not offered in the US, like many other Huawei products. Discounted pricing in the UK and Europe equal to $680.

Superior Display

The display is crucial while picking out a monitor. In addition to being large enough for a really spectacular viewing experience at 28.2 inches, HUAWEI MateView’s incredibly slim bezels on each side enable a remarkable 94 percent screen-to-body ratio, which makes the entire display feel even larger and more immersive. A staggering amount of image depth and definition is provided by the display’s 4K+ resolution, which adds 1.5 million pixels over standard 4K. You can see more on a single screen thanks to it, in addition to being more aesthetically beautiful. The HUAWEI MateView has not only attained but also surpassed the VESA DisplayHDRTM 400 standard for excellence in overall image quality, thanks to its high-quality color display, high dynamic contrast ratio, and 500-nit maximum brightness5.

Exceptional User Experience

The first monitor with touch controls is the Huawei MateView. The Smart Bar, which is positioned beneath the screen for easy access, allows you to quickly change the volume and display settings as well as switch between display inputs with a swipe.

You can also appreciate a much cleaner, sleeker, minimalist design because there are no physical buttons. The screen is a marvel of reduced aesthetics, measuring only 9.3 mm at its thinnest point, with the motherboard housed in the support bracket. Additionally, you can adjust the elevation and pitch angle with only a touch of a finger thanks to the strong, expertly-engineered stainless steel hinge that holds the screen to the bracket.

HUAWEI MateView - HUAWEI Global

To meet all of your networking needs, HUAWEI MateView provides a large number of connectors. There are two USB-A ports, a 2-in-1 CTIA headphone/microphone 3.5 mm audio jack, and a USB-C port in addition to the side-mounted USB-C port. Additionally, a MiniDP input, an HDMI input, and the first-ever 135 W USB-C power converter are located on the back.

Productivity and Smart Connectivity

Most of us now take advantage of wireless connectivity in our daily lives, whether we’re connecting to Wi-Fi or using Bluetooth earphones to listen to music. Huawei aimed to provide the same level of comfort in the monitor market.

You may enjoy all the amazing features of your mobile device on a large screen by quickly wirelessly projecting the display of your phone or tablet onto Huawei MateView. With extremely low latency, there are no cables or clutter. And HUAWEI MateView features a readily accessible USB-C port on the side of HUAWEI MateView for a super-high 4K resolution and low-latency connection if you appreciate the strength and portability of your laptop but want to see more. Performance efficiency increases with better connectivity. HUAWEI MateView offers some great new productivity capabilities so you can accomplish even more. The MateView from Huawei is impressive in terms of both industrial design and display quality and resolution.