The Omnichannel Contact Center Software That’s Redefining Logistics Industry

There is a change in customer expectation in the logistics industry. The clients want their deliveries faster along with a complete view of where their shipment is at any given point of time. As per a PWC report on the future of the logistics industry, changing customer expectations both for individuals as well as businesses is the game changer and technology along with data, analytics and automation can help in addressing this expectation for any player in this space. This is also where communication powered by technology comes into play to create a differentiator.

Today, business communication takes place on multiple platforms. This makes contact centers pivotal in facilitating seamless interaction between enterprises and consumers. From the phone contact centers of the past, the need now is to provide multi-platform engagement. However, keeping an eye on customers across all these channels can prove to be time consuming and difficult. This is where omnichannel contact center software becomes a handy tech tool for logistics companies and provides them seamless communication across channels — be it email, voice, social media, chat, or video.

Why a contact center software is critical for the logistics industry

The current COVID-19 situation has added more stress to the logistics industry first by disrupting the regular flow due to lockdowns and then increase in demand because of the rise in e-commerce purchases. The entire ecosystem as it existed for logistics companies is being reinvented as they find ways to up their game while also grappling with issues like profit margins becoming thin and players vying for a bigger share of the profit pie, to meet operational costs, and remain competitive.

One of the ways to gain competitive advantage is to have an efficient phone contact center service that comes with an omnichannel presence. Logistics providers need to be nimble to support a dynamic e-commerce industry where one-day delivery and same-day delivery have become buzzwords with consumers seeking instant freightage.

Take the case of retail giant Walmart. The company tightened its on-time, in-full (OTIF) policies to require suppliers to deliver full truckloads within a two-day window in 87% of cases. If this timeline was not adhered to, fines were imposed. Walmart also charges for deliveries that are dispatched too early. This results in a tight system with little room for error.

This Walmart-like trend is only going to gain traction in the coming future, with more e-commerce players adjusting logistics as per delivery time, cancellations, returns, and exchanges. A contact centre helps keep pace with real-time actions of logistics service providers.

HoduCC Contact Center software

Hodusoft’s cutting edge HoduCC software is one of the front running contact center software available in the market today. A one-stop solution for contact centers, it’s feature-rich portfolio offers intelligence, security, and advanced operational ability, with a simple interface. HudoCC is rated as a leading global Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) solution provider.

Let’s look at some of the key features of the HoduCC Contact Center software:

1. Unified customer experience

As an omnichannel platform, HoduCC supports a centralized approach to managing seamless interactions across various touchpoints. It helps monitor multi-channel performance and agent productivity.

Omnichannel support framework of HoduCC Contact Center software

2. Ease of Use

The best contact center softwares have one thing in common – ease of use. With a simple interface that can be easily understood by agents and supervisors, HoduCC stands out for making complex issues simple. Ask for a free trial from HoduCC and get a first-hand experience of its easy usability.

3. Support business tools and value added features

Most omnichannel contact center softwares come with common features like call routing, IVR, call forwarding, automated call distribution (ACD), conference, barge-in, and live call monitoring. HoduCC’s feature list goes way beyond the regular, providing additional value-adds, such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM), skill-based mapping, eCommerce platform support, in-built webRTC webphone, and a help desk, besides allowing automated calls at specified times.

Get started with the HoduCC contact center software now.

4. Scalability

As your business grows, there’s a need for software upgradation and integration. HoduCC makes this seamless. With its extensive experience of supporting businesses of all sizes, the software has been made adaptable to cover every business requirement.

5. Real time analytics and reports

In today’s age of artificial intelligence (AI), real-time analytics and reports serve as a tool for mapping future growth paths. At the same time it also aids in understanding customer behaviour and deciding a company’s course of action. HoduCC’s advanced features include real time customer analytics and reports that agents can pull up in quick time while interacting with customers.

Award winning HoduCC contact center software’s strengths

How the HoduCC Contact Center helps logistics providers – a look at some of its top features:

1. Outbound contact center software

HoduCC – Outbound Contact Center software is the perfect solution for logistics companies with large volumes of outgoing calls. With this solution, you can manage call requests, motivate agents, generate high-quality leads, and give great caller experiences.

2. Inbound call centre software

HoduSoft’s inbound call center software offers a suite of core inbound call center technologies. These include ACD with universal queuing for multimedia contacts and skills based routing, IVR with self-serve options.

3. Omnichannel connect

Cut through multiple channels with HoduCC’s Omnichannel contact center software, to improve productivity by facilitating seamless business communications. It helps increase customer engagement so that logistics players can take proactive measures rather than reactive actions.

4. SMS and CRM integration

HoduCC allows integration and add-on features that make it customisable and useful for SMS and CRM integration.

5. Real-time analytics

Meet expectations of customers with real time analytics that help map customer journeys and customer lifecycle value (CLV).

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The market for contact center softwares is big, but an affordable and scalable solution provider with years of experience is difficult to come by. So get an award winning contact center software by your side. As a logistics service provider, this is your chance to get your operational costs under control and create seamless customer experience journeys.

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