Great Reasons To Use An Expert Australian Owned Company To Provide Sms Broadcasts

Getting a message to a potential client base as well as existing customers is a vital marketing tool at the disposal of any modern business, with several available means of doing so. Gone are the days of TV or radio adverts, with such gimmicks being overtaken by online and digital services.

While websites continue to be an invaluable way of advertising services and products, along with whichever other social media platforms are popular at the time, a great, simple and effective way to get in touch is by using the same route as many other businesses who use a company that provides the best SMS broadcast Australia can offer.

  • SMS, or short messaging service, is a popular form of getting information to mobile devices, with each message generally consisting of 160 characters, which ensures that it is required to grab attention and be to the point so as not to turn away the attention of the receiver. Working in a similar way to emails, it is sent to a large contact list each time.
  • There are huge advantages to using an SMS compared to other options. It’s very rare to walk down a street and see nobody looking at a mobile device. It’s nigh on impossible to travel on public transport and be met with everyone chatting or looking out of the window, as they’re so engrossed with their phones. Therefore, when they receive a message, there’s a greater chance of them opening it than a letter back in the day or email. Some might be checking to see if a 5G mobile is supported or not.
  • It’s a fantastic tool for any business to possess, especially in the hands of experts who carry out the service. Professionals in this field who have been on the go for over 25 years and are fully Australian owned, know all the tricks and potential pitfalls that befall lesser competition, and how to get the best from a perfect delivery. They are waiting 24/7 every day of the year to assist their clients, with all solutions being in-house developed and hosted.
  • The beauty of an SMS is that it negates the need for Wi-Fi or having no computer access. Each message is delivered in seconds to a huge base of receivers, who don’t even have to be in possession of a smartphone. It saves any business engaging in this method precious time and money which can be spent elsewhere. Perhaps some of the time accrued can be spent having fun on the coast.
  • It’s a smart way to get the message across about the latest offers that might entice increased custom, or for information messages if used by a public service. For instance, detailing transport delays, or the need for a business to shut at late notice, meaning good customer service can be delivered.

An SMS broadcast gets messages to customers in seconds saving time and money. They are more likely to be read than an email providing timely information and further updates to offer that personal touch.