When you search for something online through search engines, you come across a handful of websites. And you usually get what you are looking for from one of them.

But does that mean there are only these ten or so websites relevant to your search in the internet space? Definitely not. There could be hundreds of relevant websites. But the ones that rank in the first two or three search engine results pages, “SERPs”, are the ones that gain visibility or get found.

So, having a top-ranking website can be highly profitable for a business. But is it really all that important?

In this day and age, diving into the digital world is essential for your business’s growth. People don’t turn to yellow pages anymore when they are looking to hire services or buy products. They turn to Google. And if your website isn’t among the tops search results, your competitor’s website could be, which will attract your prospects, leaving your business with a missed opportunity to win a stream of internet-driven customers.

But having a website is not enough for your business to get found. There are thousands of websites offering products and services similar to yours. You have to compete against them and come up among the top search results to be able to interact with your prospects.

That’s where search engine optimization or “SEO” enters the scene.

SEO online marketing techniques optimize various aspects of your business website, raising the probability of it ranking among the first two or three SERPs that get the most search engine traffic. It enables your website to compete against its competitors and helps it drive your business’s growth.

Therefore, your SEO online marketing strategy determines whether your business will be found by its target audience or will it get lost behind its progressive competitors and fast-paced digital technology.

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Get Found or… Get Lost!