Do You Actually Need A Laptop?

Cellphones have become more powerful by the year, to a point now where some phones have the raw hardware capabilities of laptops from only 5 years ago. For the basic use case, many people may not even need a laptop at all.

A lot of people have opted for a tablet with a keyboard attachment instead of a new generation laptop as they are capable of very similar workloads, but it may be time to take it a step further and ditch the additional device all together.

Hardware Requirements

For a traditional workload, mostly based around emails and Microsoft Office applications, virtually any cellphone made within the last 4 years should be more than up to the task. While requirements are not directly relatable between Windows and Android, they help paint a picture of the kind of power a machine requires.

Office 365 requirements are only a 1GHz processor, 2 GB of RAM and a Direct x 9 capable graphics device. By today’s standards of even phone processing power, the requirements for running an office like program are extremely low.

What You Will Need

There are some obvious caveats to using your cellphone as a computer for work purposes, the chief among which is probably the tiny screen. While it is possible to operate on a normal input with a small screen, it’s far from the ideal situation.

4 Reasons Why You Don't Need a Laptop Anymore

Phone manufacturers have seen phones as the future of personal processing and have made provisions to make the change over easier. The one common disadvantage of doing this with a phone is a lack of ports, but Bluetooth is here to save the day. A Bluetooth mouse and keyboard will make working on the computer a lot easier and keep the port on your phone free for a USB type C display. USB type C will make this setup possible as it can transport power to keep your phone charged and a wide verity of signals like display, data, and audio at the same time.

The Operating System

Some phone manufacturers have specific software built onto devices to make the desktop environment a clean and easy one, Samsung DeX is a great example of a manufacturer specific desktop environment. If you don’t have a Samsung device, not to worry, Android comes with its own desktop environment making mouse and keyboard easy to use.

Other than small changes in the desktop interface, there should be very little different from a regular laptop or desktop PC. A fantastic work machine that costs less is more convenient in only needing one device, and is just as capable of everyday tasks like claiming Big Dollar Casino bonus codes.

Not For Everybody

This is a fantastic option for anybody who works in the Microsoft 365 or Google Docs environment but can become trickier if you work outside of text files or spreadsheets. Content creators, for example, may not have the best experience using their phone in a desktop environment, not to say it isn’t possible, but the lack of power will be noticeable when doing anything other than simple text-based workloads.