Considering the PS5 Check Out This Playstation 5 Review.

If you are big on reading reviews, you will find a Playstation 5 review almost everywhere you look. This is because the PS5 is now out on the market and everyone has their own opinion. If you are looking for the differences between the PS5 vs PS4, you will find them here. We will also discuss the PS5 resolution, as well as what you need to know about the compatibility of all the games, including PS5 games.

Considering the PS5? Check Out This Playstation 5 Review

There are two different versions of the Playstation 5, and you need to be aware of them both prior to making your purchase. The first version is the one you are used to buying when the new gaming systems come out. However, the second version is a digital edition.

The digital edition is the one you will want to have if you are constantly downloading the latest games and skipping purchasing games at the store. This version is a little cheaper, which is good if you haven’t saved up as much money yet.

The DualSense Controller

We thought that we would start with the best part of the PS5 and that is the all-new redesigned DualSense Controller. The DualShock controller from years’ past were not very popular. The good news is the new controllers are showing some promise.

The hefty design is sturdy, has grips on the sides, and texture on the bottom. All these features will ensure the controller lasts a lot longer than the older version. The good news is that the buttons are all in the same place. Therefore, you won’t need to worry about relearning how to use the controller.

The Console

The PS5 console is a little larger than the previous version. Therefore, you will want to make sure you have a spot ready for this device that measures 16 x 4 x 10 inches. You will be able to lay it on its side or stand it up, so you will have options if space is tight.

The outside panels on the Playstation 5 are white, while the inside is the common black that the system has been known for. The console of the PS5 does look like it came from the 22nd century, so it will be a conversation starter for sure.

You will find ports on both the front and the back on the console. The front contains USB-A and USB-C ports, as well as the power and eject buttons. Two USB-A ports, the power connector, Ethernet port, and HDMI output are all located in the back.


Your PS5 games, as well as PS4 games, will load quickly, because of the 825GB SSD. Once the games are loaded, you will find that playing them is a dream with the AMD Zen 2 CPU and RDNA 2 GPU features.

The regular version of the Playstation 5 will include the Ultra HD Blu-Ray optical drive. When you use it, you will find that you can play 4K videos. It is important to remember that the digital edition of the PS5 will not have this drive.

PS5 Games and Compatibility

The good news is that you can play all your PS4 games in your new PS5 console. But you will definitely want to purchase some of the exclusive PS5 games that are rolling out. It is those games that will show you the stunning PS5 resolution.

You must be in Fidelity mode to get the best PS5 resolution. However, if that doesn’t matter to you, and speed does, then Performance mode is the way to go. That mode offers 60fps speed for every game you play.

When you are playing your games, you will notice the interface is quite simple to use. All your most recently played games and used apps will show up in a row. All the others can be quickly found by pushing the home button.

As you read this Playstation 5 review, you may have wondered if you really should be purchasing the new PS5. The short answer is yes. The differences between the PS5 vs PS4 are big enough to warrant the new system. Whether it is just the PS5 resolution that piques your interest or the exclusive PS5 games, you definitely need to see how the PS5 takes gaming to the next level.