All About Designing A Flawless Website

Smart marketers know that an intelligent web design can make a notable difference in conversion rates. According to the specialists of a leading Reno web design agency, digital first impressions can make or break your credibility as a business. We have got some design tips that are sure to help you make the best impression on the visitors of your website.

Every person is familiar with the fact that a lengthy load time can add to website bounces and lessen conversions. Keep in mind that you start losing visitors after just three seconds, which is an ideal load time. Shortening attention spans of consumers are unwilling to wait for long load times when Google is just a click away – potentially leading them to competitors’ speedier websites.

You simply need to find ways to make your website load faster if you would like to boost conversions. Compressing images is a simple approach to do this. The images on the website could probably suffice to be a bit smaller on-screen, as well. Getting rid of unnecessary animations, videos that play automatically, and rotating banners may even make a website run more smoothly.

  • Negative Space

Provide your elements with a little room to breathe. Whitespace, or negative space, helps prevent the design from feeling cluttered and cramped together. It even helps essentials items such as CTAs stand out.

According to a professional web designer in Reno, negative space does not just refer to the blank spots in the sidebar or header. It even refers to the spaces within text, such as between this paragraph and the one above, and between individual lines and letters. If all this text were lumped together, it would be unreadable!

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  • Colors

Pay attention to the colors you pick for the website. At the same time as it is a good idea to maintain consistency with the colors of your brand, you could be losing out on a lot of conversions if you do not mull over the way the colors on your website relate to one another, and the way colors can be utilized to influence decision-making.

  • Text

The text on your pages is supposed to be high-contrast. For the majority of websites, this signifies that you are supposed to have black text on a white background or vice-versa.

  • CTAs (Call to Action)

Are there buttons on your website, such as “Add to Cart” or “Subscribe” that you would like improve conversion rates on? Make them high-contrast, and be certain to use your contrast color sparingly. A red CTA button, for instance, will stand out on a website with a white background that does not already frequently use the color red.

A simple approach to figure out the best contrast color for your website is to make use of the color wheel and locate the color opposite the main colors in the design of your website. If the background of your website is blue, mull over making your buttons orange, for instance.

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