5 Ways Contract Automation Increases Your Mobility

Contracts form the backbone of your commercial partnership. Many businesses are focused on the costs of bad contract administration However, contrary to that an effective contract management system will not only keep your company from default, but could actually earn you cash. In this article, I’ll examine five ways that automation of contracts can help your company and increase the income of your business. We Signature makes your contracts completely digital, which makes the process of signing contracts and sending them simpler. What happens to the steps prior to and following the contract? It can aid in increasing mobility, and also automating the work related to your contract , so that you can really enjoy your time out and about.

1. Renting Out Your Apartment to a Human Workflow

Subletting your apartment can make sense if you’re travelling on a long journey. We Signature allows you to send your standard sublet contract and remove any paper documents from the process completely. The process of selecting a renter is an exhausting process and when you’re not able to wait before you leave, Electronic signature software can notify you that the contract has been completed. It allows you to incorporate an automated workflow that is human that includes you signing the contract prior to beginning the process of automation. This means that we’ll inform you once the contract has been signed, then wait for your approval and then forward it to your landlord in a timely manner. Who said that subletting has to be difficult?

2. Automatically transmit business contracts

Even when you’re away on vacation or working from home, work never ceases. We Signature makes it simple to fill in contract details automatically from your CRM and then automatically forward it to the appropriate recipient. If you create an opportunity it is possible to trigger the contract’s deployment through an app like Shopify or from a CRM such as Salesforce.

3. Close Deals All Over the World

When you sign a contract, you are able to send an invoice, without needing to login to the computer. Automated invoicing does not just allow you to be more mobile as it eliminates the requirement for human input of data, it will also allow you to collect the money quicker so that you can invest it into your business. It is possible to set up your workflow to issue an invoice automatically when the documents are completed or when the particular project in your CRM is marked as closed.’ The automation will also look for evidence that the account in your CRM is inside your system of accounting, and in the event that it does not, create it in a timely manner. Include an automated thank-you email to ensure that you never forget to follow-up once more!

How Does Automation Improve Contract Management? | by Contrax Aware | Medium

4. Keep an eye on your contracts via email or Slack.

The only thing left to do now that your contract deployment and invoicing have been automated is to monitor activities. To accomplish this, you can quickly configure smart notifications to your email or Slack channel so you can stay informed while on the road. Set up notifications for every time a contract is signed, or set up notifications based on a threshold, such as every 5 contracts or when an invoice surpasses a specific monetary amount.

5. Easy to read documents once they are returned

If you’re a stickler for detail, you can keep all documents that arrive while you’re away in a separate folder. That way, all of the contracts you didn’t have time to study while gone will be waiting for you in one spot. When a We Signature contract is signed, it can be uploaded directly to the chosen folder in Box or Dropbox.

Additionally, regardless of whether you’re travelling and not, automation of contracts offers substantial advantages like removing the need for human input and providing a 360-degree view of your customer and reducing the chance of errors.


With the help of contract management you can streamline the workflow in the management as well as take benefits of e-signature in a business. In my opinion, You must follow the business strategy.