3 Very Different Team Building Ideas

Most of us who have worked for any organisation will be familiar with the annual away day/team building session. Cue eye-rolling, uncomfortable shifts in the seat and a few attendees wondering what crucial, long-distance business trips they can quickly pencil into their calendars!

Team Building Sessions for the 21st Century

It’ll be even worse if your line manager has decreed that this year, YOU should take the lead in organising the event. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

The very best team-building events are when everyone is enthused from beginning to end. They can be even better when no one quite knows what to expect but comes away at the end of the day feeling positive and having learnt a lot. Take a whole new, innovative approach this year by considering one of these three team-building ideas you hadn’t thought of before.

1. Rev Up Your Motors And Bash The Competition Into Oblivion

Anyone who grew up in the ’90s and naughties will remember Robot Wars. Broadcast from 1998 on the BBC, the futuristic TV show featured teams custom building remote-controlled robots that fought each other until one was obliterated.

Split into teams, each participant will put into practice and develop their practical thinking, communication, creativity and collaboration skills. With a thrilling finale, Robot Wars is an adrenaline-fuelled session in which no one – apart from any engineers you employ – will have participated in anything like before.

2. Crown Heroes Of All Abilities In An Alternative Olympics

21 Team Building Activities and Games That Your Team Won't Sigh At

With the chance to meet and be inspired by participants in the ultimate London sporting showpiece, the 2012 Olympics, the Great British Indoor Sports Show is a spectacle of unique twists on the nation’s favourite pursuits and pastimes. The event is sure to provide an enjoyable half-day session and can be tailored to your organisational and team’s development, goals and ethos.

Carefully designed to ensure the inclusion of participants of all abilities, this fun-filled festival tests individuals and teams in a host of new and traditional sports and games. Tot up the points standings to award prizes to the overall winners and hand out prizes to contestants in your own bespoke categories.

Get Them Off Their Office Thrones And Into The Game Of Zones

Working in the City every day, it can be all too easy to become detached from the historical and cultural riches that England’s capital has to offer. The London Game of Zones aims to reconnect everyone in your team with the delights of the inner city. Explore four zones that reflect on London’s Mediaeval past, its industrial heritage, how the Thames proved to be a passage for adventurers to discover the world, and how the capital is driving change for the future.

Navigating by GPS technology, teams will participate in fun and thought-provoking challenges. With puzzles, cryptic tests, brain teasers and physical challenges suited to all abilities, your team members will better appreciate the strengths of each other and understand how the team contributes to overall success.

To find out more about these brilliant and unique London team-building ideas, check out what Team Tactics has to offer you and your merry band of colleagues.